Kristy Edits

Kristy Edits

In 2021 I had the honor and the privilege of editing the manuscript for 17-year-old rising star. Here book, Mark of the Assassins was easily one of the most challenging jobs I have ever taken on, but yet the most rewarding. Landri Johnson somehow managed to crank out over 100k words and with the help and guidance from publisher and author Craig Martelle, her book found her way to me to edit. After months of mulling through the manuscript, and a few back-and-forth’s with Landri, her book was ready to release, and it was a smash success. “A homerun,” as Craig Martelle put it. Now, I am once again honored to be working on her second book, Legacy of the Assassins, and it promises to be even better than the first.

What I offer

I am open to doing the difficult edits. I will plow through those manuscripts that require a bit more work that the average, veteran writer. Sometimes you need a little guidance. Sometimes a lot. If you’ve been turned down by other editors because they told you it just needs too much work, then I will be her to help you through it.

I will do two rounds of line edits (that means I’ll go through it once, send it back, you accept or reject the suggestions I make), and then we’ll do it one more time to polish it up to be ready for any final proof reading you may want from an outside source, and ultimately publishing.

What will this cost you? I charge 1.5 cents a word. Half of this is due up front, the rest upon completion. I reserve the right to reject any submissions (hey, even I have my limits), but I will give you my best, and you won’t be disappointed with the finished product, as long as the story’s good, THAT’S on you.

For additional fees, I will help you format your book for publishing in paperback and Kindle, and I can also offer help with covers. Let’s talk.