kDira’s World

kDira’s World

The world that we find kDira in takes place a hundred or more years after the apocalypse that destroyed most of humanity.  Great bombs and newly engineered chemical and biological weapons, built by nations that believed only in their own superiority have rendered the earth all but uninhabited.  Every major city on the face of the earth was bombed into oblivion, but even the smaller cities and villages could not escape the impending holocaust.

The few small groups of humans that were able to avoid the blasts and the gas clouds, were left almost completely incapable of having offspring because all but a very few females would prove to be fertile.

The females among them that proved to be child bearing were not only looked upon as royalty, but also as a treasure that could be stolen or won in battle, or in very rare cases, bartered.  They were prized more than any other commodity on earth, and often were the target of raids by “wolfpack males” that stormed villages in search of “breeders.”

There were very few sexual barriers.  The act of being intimate was primarily for recreation, and not a sign of love or attachment.  When a breeding female took a mate, it was only to produce the badly needed offspring to grow the tribe, and meant nothing more.  The tribes collectively raised the children as their own, and family ties were talked about, but no bonds were created.  This made the process of growing the tribe easier.

The biological fact that breeding females were needed to perpetuate the species was unavoidable.  Those females that could not breed were considered to be of the same value as their male counterparts, and like the males, would often would grow up and become krebs, or warriors of the tribe.  And as with their male counterparts, if they proved too weak or frail to become a warrior they would fill in roles within the village that would help the collective.

kDira’s World is a story that will take you on a fantasy, post-apocalyptic adventure.  It is a story that will take you forward in time to discover the secrets of the past, and forge a heroic path into an uncertain future.

Sometimes when reality is thrust upon you, you have to create your own path and follow it to the end.

Follow kDira on her journey as she learns that fate can take many forms, and sometimes you have to make the hard choices to get to the place you need to be.

kDira’s World is a hostile place, with no guide book.  Only gut instinct and intestinal fortitude can get you home.  And it is never easy.