Hayden’s Curse Available for Pre-Order

Hayden’s Curse Available for Pre-Order

The exciting second book in the World of kDira is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. Prospective release date is May 31st, 2022. Get it now to have it the moment it becomes available!

Some enemies come from foreign lands, some come from much closer to home, but the hardest ones to face are those that come from within. When Hayden was removed from this world, he left behind a gift for kDira. This gift would prove to be a curse of the most diabolical kind.

The prophecies warned her. The ancient scrolls spoke of the male child, and the betrayal he would orchestrate. “Betray the world,” the texts warned, but what could that mean? kDira, Agis, and young Winter would find out, and the treachery would forever change the course of humanity.

Follow kDira in her fight to save her family, her tribe, and their very existence in the wake of Hayden’s Curse.

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