The Dragons of Neverwind

The Dragons of Neverwind

Well, people, I did it. I managed to publish this, my one and only novel this year. It was a struggle, but thanks to some great support from friends, family, and loved ones, I managed to crank it out before the end of the year. I present to you, The Dragons of Neverwind.

With my gender issues, financial troubles, and health problems clouding my mind, it was all I could do to get this book finished and published, but I did it.

The land of Neverwind had remained peaceful for 200 years since the last dragon was defeated by the Wizard of Whitshire. Peaceful, until now. Rumors of a dragon in the north sent the inhabitants into a panic, and when word of entire towns being burned to ashes found its way south, no one could feel safe.

Two unlikely friends, a large, half-ogre named Gnath, and his smaller, large-headed half-elf companion named Wellington never set out to be heroes. But fate has a way of setting you on a path you never intended. Never would they imagine that they would end up fighting armies of orcs, escape the dungeons of the Ebony City in Devigon, and stare down the Army of Edenkeep, only to come face to face with a new terror from the sky; the Dragon of Neverwind.

Also available is Prelude to Neverwind, a short story that goes into more detail on some of the events that led up to the Novel.


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