The Dragons of Neverwind off to the Editor

The Dragons of Neverwind off to the Editor

It’s been a tough year for me.  After writing seven books last year I was struggling to complete even one this year.  Finally, with some super encouragement from friends and family, I managed to sit down and knock out Dragons, plow though a second rewrite, and got it off to the editor.  My editor, Michael Goeres, promises to have it done by the end of November, and if that holds true, I should have this book released by the end of the year.  YAY!

I’ve gone though a number of rounds of reworking and tweaking the cover, and I have finally settled on the cover you see here.  I feel it shows the main characters quite accurately, and gives the feel of how I envision the Neverwind saga to be.  For this, my first fantasy book, I drew on my memories of playing Dungeons & Dragons in my youth, the love I have for the Terry Brook’s Shannara series, and for Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea books.  This has potential to become a long running series, with possible prequels and offshoots that explore the entire world of Neverwind and beyond.

Wellington and Gnath (pronounced guh-NATH, as explained in the book) are not your average, run-of-the-mill heroes.  They are merely looking for their place in the world when they are thrust into situations that could very well make them choose between running for their lives, or saving the entirety of Neverwind.

The book is full of orcs, barbarians, warriors, a mole, and of course, a couple dragons thrown in for good measure.  Dragons of Neverwind shares much of the same humor I put into my Johnny Rockett series, and even Captain Phenom.  It is lighthearted, but not without it’s serious side.

I can’t wait for you to read this book.  If you like fantasy, and a good adventure, you’ll love The Dragons of Neverwind.