kDira’s World Three: Winter’s Reign is Off to the Editor!

kDira’s World Three: Winter’s Reign is Off to the Editor!

It was an emotional ending for me to write the final words of Winter’s Reign last night. kDira’s World was my first novel, and because of this I have an emotional attachment to the series, but because of the complications I created with the initial premise for the books, they became harder and harder to write as the series continued. This, the third book I found EXTREMELY difficult to find a plot that would be interesting enough, yet new and fresh enough to not keep repeating myself from the previous books’ plots. In short, this book was HARD to write.

After getting 20,000 words in I dreamed up a nice little sub-plot that allowed me to include more characters from the world into the story, and make it far more interesting. This meant going back through the first 20K words and inserting, re-writing, and sometimes deleting scenes to accommodate the new sub-plots. Overall, I feel that the book is far better than it would have been.

So it is off to the editor now, ready to be ripped to shreds and thrown back at me like some crumpled up term paper that got a D- for bad grammar and penmanship, but that’s the way it works. I bust my butt, he craps all over me. I cry. I fix, send it back, and it starts all over until he finally says it is the least sucky that it’s going to be and I publish it. If nothing else, my editor is supportive… 😉

Now I am turning my focus onto NaNoWriMo, where I have to write a 50,000 word novel within the month of November. That’s close to 1,700 words a day, EVERY day, for a month. My novel will be about a young boy with Cerebral Palsy, Charley Platt, who through a mix-up at the hospital and an unusual string of coincidences, becomes Captain Phenom, a crime fighting, bully punishing super hero. It will be a good break for me from the kDIra’s World and the Johnny Rockett books.

Expect Winter’s Reign to be out in November, or early December at the latest. Stay tuned!