First Independent Website Review!

First Independent Website Review!

Yesterday I received my first ever independent website review on Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful Six, and it was a doozie.  Walter Rhein, webmaster, as well as published author, posted a review on his website and it just blew me away.  Please take a moment to check out his review, and show him some love by checking out he other content as I assure you it is quality stuff.  He also has a fine library of work on Amazon, so check that out as well.

Here is an except:

I grabbed Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful Six completely on a whim because I saw it was being offered for free on Amazon, and I have to say, it was a pretty solid little pulp adventure. You can kind of think of Johnny Rockett as a Han Solo type rogue, who gets involved quickly with the wrong sort of people, and then things inevitably escalate from there. He has problems with his sort of girlfriend, problems with the crew of high heeled vixens that hire his freighting services, and even more problems with the crime lord husband of those vixens who the vixens are planning to assassinate. All in all, it’s everything you hope for from a space adventure.

K. R. McClellan writes with a quick, easy style that is liberally splattered with one liners and smart ass remarks. This isn’t the kind of book that endeavors to make grand comments on the human condition, which is fine…

Read the full article on HERE.

Thank you to Walter Rhein for the awesome review.  It means the world to me.