Johnny Rockett – Enema at the Gates

Johnny Rockett – Enema at the Gates

When we last left our hero, he was on his way to drop off five lovely ladies on the planet Ringworld.  After they nearly cost him and his girlfriend Aria their lives, he was happy to be rid of them and was then on his way back to Earth with Aria to drop off a container full of the wonderful wargon steak from Vangelis Four.

Having gained exclusive shipping rights for wargon meat and oil from V4, Johnny was able to increase his fleet by two, and all three ships made regular runs from Vangelis Four to the various other planets throughout the Network.

Johnny and Aria have become a strong team.  When time allowed, Johnny even spent some time teaching Aria how to pilot the freighter.  Aria was a quick study, but Johnny still didn’t feel she was ready to solo yet.

We find him now back on Earth, enjoying some free time with Aria, and a pizza.  But if you know Johnny Rockett like I know Johnny Rockett, things won’t stay normal for too long.  He was due for all hell to break loose.

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