The Origin of Johnny Rockett

The Origin of Johnny Rockett

Where did Johnny Rockett come from?  It’s kind of funny when I think about it because if I were to say I pulled him out of my butt, it would not be far from the truth.  I had just wrapping up kDira’s World and had started on the first couple chapters when I hit a wall.  I could not conceive how to move forward in the book without aging my protagonist fifteen years, and I was not ready to write her into her old age just yet.  I needed time to re-think the plot of kDira’s World 2, so I pulled away from it.

Someone had mentioned to me that every book I’d written so far had female leads (kDira’s World, Nora’s Ark, and Rust) so I contemplated writing a book with my son Johnathon in mind.  Somehow I hit on the name Johnny Rockett and it stuck with me.  My wife and I started tossing back and forth stupid ideas on what silly book titles I could use, the first one being Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful Six, which eventually became the actual title of the first book.  But even before I had a plot worked out we had other goofy titles like Johnny Rockett and the Great Sex Slave Robot Malfunction, or something like Johnny Rockett and the Man Eating Planet.  Or other greats like”

Johnny Rockett – Slick Mother Trucker
Johnny Rockett – If the Space Ships ‘a Rockin’
Johnny Rockett – Excrement Got Serious
Johnny Rockett – For Those About to Rockett, We Salute You

So you can see where I was going with it.  I started on the first book, and even created the title, but when I started sharing the idea, some issues popped up.  I had asked around what people though of the name and for the most part it was well received, until someone pointed out that there is a hamburger chain on the West Coast called Johnny Rockets.  A little Google searching showed that there is a stunt man performing using the name Johnny Rockett.  So I kicked around other potential names but nothing worked for me like Johnny Rockett, so I stuck with it.

When the first book was finished and I began to proof read it, I was thrilled to discover that it actually made me laugh reading through it, so I figured if it could make me laugh, then with any luck it would make others laugh too.  So I hope you find some joy and a little laughter in my pal Johnny.  He tries hard.  And now and then he gets it right.