About k.R. McClellan

About k.R. McClellan

Somewhere in the course of my life I set some goals that I felt if I could accomplish these goals I would have done something in my life.  One of those goals was to write a book.  I accomplished that goal in 2014 with the publication of my first book, Rust.  Rust was a short story loosely based on my daughter and some of the trials young girls face in their formative years.

Three years later I published my second book, Nora’s Ark.  A Novella in length, it was at the time my crowning achievement in writing.  Nora’s Ark was a story that was 11 years in the making, a story that I had start to finish in my head since 2006.  When I first got the idea I began frantically writing the book on an old computer.  I managed to get a whole chapter and a half when I lost steam, and the book sat untouched for 11 years.  It wasn’t until April of 2017 that I got enough courage to actually sit down and FINISH Nora’s Ark.  With the constant whip cracking from my wife, I managed to finish it in early May of 2017, and I had it published on Amazon.com.

In August, 2017 I published what I thought was the finished manuscript of kDira’s World.  I immediately went to work on what I thought would be the second book in the series, kDira’s War.  However, as I pondered the length of the first book (only about 41,000 words), I decided to combine the two into one longer book of about 77,000 words.  kDira’s World would then be a proper length novel.  I also think it is much stronger this way.

I have forged onward, creating the Johnny Rockett Series, and continued on with the kDira’s World Chronicles.  I have many new and exciting ideas to develop but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get them all done fast enough.

A 10-year Navy veteran, having served on the USS Midway and the USS Independence, my influences are Isaac Asimov for his Foundation and Robots trilogies, Arthur C. Clarke for 2001 and others, Andre Norton for her countless sci-fi and fantasy adventures and her ability to crank out book after book, Terry Brooks for his Shannara Trilogy (and more!) and Richard Bach for his books Illusions and Jonathan Livingston Seagull. A lover of science fiction, fantasy, steam punk, I try to incorporate something of every book I have loved into every story I write.

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~ k.R. McClellan