About k.R. (Kristy) McClellan

About k.R. (Kristy) McClellan

Kristy McClellan is a transgender author of science fiction, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and superhero novels, and is currently living in Cadillac, Michigan. She began writing seriously back in 2016 when she wrote the novella, Nora’s Ark. Previously she had written the short story, Rust, loosely based on her daughter, a story she’d started writing back in 2006.

But late in 2017, she began pumping out books with a vengeance, completing seven novels by the end of 2018, including the kDira’s World trilogy, Johnny Rockett trilogy, and Captain Phenom. Then trouble began. She found herself out of a job, and with mortgage payments falling further and further behind, she soon found herself facing foreclosure on the house she owned for fifteen years. And then, as if she needed something more, the whole gender thing took control of her creative processes, and she could no longer find words to write.

She had started The Dragons of Neverwind at the beginning of 2019 and struggled with it throughout the year. Only after she came out on Facebook, and with the overwhelming support of friends and family, did she manage to finish and publish Dragons before the end of the year.

With Johnny Rockett 4 in the works, she took a little over a week off to bang out this book, her first as author Kristy McClellan. Not knowing if she will write any further books as Kristy, it was refreshing to bring her out and crank out this autobiography for everyone to read. It was great therapy, and a bit of a mental drain as well.

In March of 2020, Kristy released her autobiography, Better Late Than Never, her first book published as Kristy McClellan.  It was a candid, extremely personal look into her life with gender dysphoria, and what it took for her to come out and begin her transformation at the ripe old age of 56.

A 10-year Navy veteran, having served on the USS Midway and the USS Independence, her influences are Isaac Asimov for his Foundation and Robots trilogies, Arthur C. Clarke for 2001 and others, Andre Norton for her countless sci-fi and fantasy adventures and her ability to crank out book after book, Terry Brooks for his Shannara Trilogy (and more!) and Richard Bach for his books Illusions and Jonathan Livingston Seagull. A lover of science fiction, fantasy, steam punk, she tries to incorporate something of every book she’s loved into every story she writes.